The villaggio LE TRE QUERCE located on the outskirts of San Teodoro on a vast area rich in vegetation away from noise and traffic.

Designed and constructed so as to allow its guests a holiday in maximum relaxation, it consists of terraced houses with patio and garden independent that develop around a central square, from studio apartments and a hotel with single and double rooms that look on a beautiful swimming pool.

Equipped with swimming pool for adults with jacuzzi, the villaggio LE TRE QUERCE tries to meet the possible needs of individuals, couples and families offering a wide range of accommodations and rates, considering If by chance your requests, it proposes to eliminate any charge that does not correspond to an actually enjoyed by the customer service

The wild beauty of Sardinian east coast


Our Flats

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Appartamento bilocale per 4 persone

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Bilo 3 flat types

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Unforgetable holiday!
Chenxi Z.Hello
Hospital, clean and professional
Gino S.Wonderful
Wonderful residence, clean and strategic position
Luca S.So beautiful!